PNAS press roundup

Jan 2016 – Humbled at the amazing media response to our voice feedback study. Some great write-ups from science outlets such as Science News, New Scientist and Science Friday, as well as general public news outlet such as HuffPo, Vox, … and even Glamour! Last but not least, it was great fun to use our voice changin tool DAVID to process a good deal of announcer voices on radios in France, Germany, Deustchland and Canada. See a selection of links below, and see complete round-up on Altmetrics


Voix et émotions – Télématin, France 2 – replay


A l’Ircam, la voix est maîtresse des émotions – le Journal du Dimance – print web

Manipulé par sa propre voix – Science et Avenir – print


How to change your mood, just by listening to the sound of your voice – Science web

Sound of your own voice may help you understand your emotions – New Scientistweb

The Emotive power of voice – Science Fridayweb

How the sound of your own voice can affect your mood – Voxweb

Scientists just discovered a new way to get happy simply by listening to your voice – Business Insiderweb

Changing The Tone Of Your Voice May Boost Your Mood, And Here’s How – Huffington Postweb

Hate the sound of your own voice? You could be missing a shot at happiness – SBS – web

The Foolproof Way to Learn How Your Significant Other Really Feels – Glamour – web

Piégez votre humeur en modifiant votre voix – ARTE Futureweb

Comment la voix façonne nos émotions – Le Figaroweb

Feedback Loop: Your Voice Influences Your Emotions Even When You Are Unaware Of Its Sound – Medical Daily – web

Energize your voice – The Persuasive Litigatorweb 


La tête au carré – France Inter (FR) – web

Autour de la question, Radio France International (FR) – web 

Les Carnets de la création – France Culture (FR) – web

Le ton de notre voix affecte notre humeur – Radio Canada (CA) – web

De klank van je stem bepaalt je stemming – BNR Nieuwsradio (NL) web

Stimme macht Stimmung – Deutschlandfunk (DE) – web

Stimme and Gefühl – Westdeutscher Rundfunk (DE) – transcript