Bullying the doc: stronger-sounding patients get more 911 attention

Our team published a new paper this week, in which we test the influence of patients’ tone of voice on medical decisions.

In the line of our recent real-time emotional voice transformations, we manipulated the voice of (fake) patients calling a 911 phone simulator used for training (real) medical doctors, to make them sound more, or less, physically dominant (with deeper, more masculine voices corresponding to lower pitch and greater formant dispersion, see e.g. Sell, A. et al. Adaptations in humans for assessing physical strength from the voice. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences, 277(1699), 3509–3518 (2010) – link).

We found that patients whose voice signalled physical strength obtained a higher grade of response, a higher evaluation of medical emergency and longer attention from medical doctors than callers with strictly identical medical needs whose voice signaled lower physical dominance.

The paper, a collaboration with Laurent Boidron M.D. and his colleagues at the Department of Emergency Medicine of the Dijon CHU Hospital/Université de Bourgogne, was published last tuesday in Scientific Reports (link, pdf).

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CREAM is looking for a RA! (fixed-term, 2-months)

uncle-samAssistant de recherche EEG pour passation d’expériences de psychologie/neuroscience

Période: Avril à Mai 2016

L’équipe CREAM (“Cracking the Emotional Code of Music” – http://cream.ircam.fr) du laboratoire
STMS UMR9912 (CNRS/IRCAM/UPMC – http://www.ircam.fr) à Paris cherche à engager en contrat
CDD (temps-plein ou temps incomplet) un ou une assistant/e de recherche pour la passation de
plusieurs expériences de psychologie et neurosciences cognitive sur le thème de la musique et des
émotions, dont plusieurs utilisant l’EEG, sur la période d’Avril à Mai 2016. La personne recrutée travaillera en collaboration avec les chercheurs ayant conçu les expériences et sera responsable de la collecte de données, en autonomie.

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