Auditory smiles trigger unconscious facial imitation

We are thrilled by the reaction of the press to our publication “Auditory smiles trigger unconscious facial imitation” a few months ago in Current Biology. Some interesting views on the findings, but also more general interviews with lead Author Pablo Arias, like this podcast hosted by Carl Robinson. Here is a quick press round up.

Research article:

Reference : Arias, P., Belin, P., & Aucouturier, J. J. (2018). Auditory smiles trigger unconscious facial imitation. Current Biology, 28(14), R782-R783. [html] [pdf]


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Cream – Audio geeks on a mission to the Amygdala.

We are a team of neuroscientists and audio engineers working in the basement of the computer music center IRCAM, in the middle of Paris. We develop computational models of vocal and musical communicative behaviors to gain new insights into their underlying affective and social- cognitive mechanisms and inspire new types of (technology-based) treatment for patients.

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