Gregory Beller (IRCAM) – Voice Synthesis Technologies in Contemporary Music Creation

Speaker: Gregory Beller (IRCAM)

Greg Beller works as an artist, a researcher, a teacher and a computer designer for contemporary arts. He defended a PhD thesis in Computer Science on generative models for expressivity and their applications for speech and music, especially through performance. While developing new ideas for signal analysis, processing, synthesis and control, he takes part in a range of artistic projects. He is currently the director of the department for Research/Creativity Interfaces of IRCAM, where he coordinates the works of the researchers, the developers, the computer music designers and the artists in the creation, the design and the performance of artistic moments.

Title: Voice Synthesis Technologies in Contemporary Music Creation

Expressivity and emotion can be very precisely analyzed though our modern vocal microscopes/phones. Indeed, quality signal processing are now widely used to describe and to modify various parameters in the voice, altering the perception of it. Real-time algorithms can even change the way we perceive and express ourselves when inserted inside a feedback proprioception loop. These new creative processes are not only used for scientific research, but also in various artistic works.